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Welcome to a unique online Bio-Energy Healing School that teaches the beginner up to the professional an energy method to reach advanced abilities in healing and chi techniques.

Our Chi Energy School teaches an extraordinary powerful yin type of energy cultivation method.  The Nerve Fiber Building exercise that the student learns, when performed daily will build up their ability to project chi energy that can be felt in a physical and tangible way.

Each student learns how to cultivate energy by building up their body’s nerve fiber system.  Students are able to cultivate large amounts of energy by using our special Tri-concept, which is using a good feeling along with a cool temperature inside an energy form.  These energy forms are used by the student to change their body’s inner temperature and emotional content.  This ability to control their internal temperature prepares the student to handle even more energy in order to reach the higher levels in cultivating chi.

Can Nerve Fiber Building Be the Way to Strong Chi…

The Year One Student learns a step by step chi cultivation method that teaches them how to build up their entire body’s nerve fiber system. As they perform this Energy Healing exercise for twenty minutes a day, the process releases a type of light called biophotons. Trillions of these biophotons are released thru-out the nerve fiber system. These biophotons have a type of electrical magnetic component to them, which can be harnessed by the student.